Monday, August 31, 2015


Needless to say it was an amazing day. I was late as crap and forgot to bring my SD card so I stood outside Challenger and wailed but Best Denki was the one to save the day. It drizzled a bit when we first got in but after that it was scorching sun and humidity at it's worst. It was still a pretty damn good day. 

Battlestar finally reopened and I regret nothing. I still think the Human track is scarier because of the gross drop at the beginning, after that it's pretty much nothing but damn, the Cylone track was the shit. The Gforce was so real and so awesome. It's a serious shame USS won't make more hardcore rides. There are too many kiddie rides and not enough adrenaline. Oh, the Puss in Boots ride was open and it was cute. I expected a really kiddie ride but it was cool, snapchatted on it so it wasn't intense but it was like, a cool breeze in your hair. 

I was just really happy the entire day, running around and running into people(literally). Rides were good, queues, not so much. Spending time with people I love has become strange and I'm not ready to go. I have 9 more days in Singapore. I'm really pumped to leave but these people make it hard to leave. I'm going to miss them so much. ;____;

I'm cramming my time and meeting as many people as possible before I leave. 
I can't believe this is happening
Look at me taking control of my life
Look at me planning my future

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Senpai noticed me!! !!!! ! 


<Seifuku lookbook>

This year is clearly the year of self-exploration and pushing boundaries. I've always wanted to wear a seifuku so I can't believe this happened?? ??!?!?!?!?! Ching Hui bought me a set for my birthday and there was a lot of screaming. I had the skirt altered to perfection before ICDS and then we went together with Ryan (who is surprisingly very accepting of all this) (what a winner). 

It fun doing the things you least expect yourself to. 

Side note: I had food poisoning a few days back and wow it is possibly the worst crap I've gone through. Maybe it doesn't beat my shingles experience in secondary school but it was pretty close. I still can't seem to pinpoint what went wrong but there was a lot of puking and lots of unnecessary bowel movements. I think I lost a lot of weight this week and considering the fact that I lost a lot of weight in ADM, my current weight is pretty much negligible and it is a cause for concern. I've been feeling really bloated and woozy. Can't say it's a very good thing at this point. // health update// still alive

I've packed about 80% of my luggages and let me just say moving is horrible. I don't know where all this weight is coming from but all of my bags feel like a ton of bricks and I'm pulling out all my hair trying to balance the scale. 

My flight is on the 9th of September. 
I don't have much time left here.