Sunday, November 29, 2015


Today is Saturday and tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to London for a school trip. Right after that, I'm flying home for Christmas. Initially flying home for Christmas was not an option, and that was something I flew here knowing so I was 100% cool with it. But now that I know I'm going home, I'm really excited. I can't wait to see everyone!!! :> 

I went on a mad shop yesterday to buy back whatever traditional British sweets and cakes I could so that I could bring it home for everyone to try. It was hilarious because all the time I've spent here, I myself haven't even tried these sweets. I tried a Frosty Fancy. My life has been changed. 

I'm bringing my camera to London so I'll take pictures. I haven't used the camera since I got here, I've been terrible hehe. 

Next time I update, I'll be updating from +65!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I recently went way back on my tumblr to clear out bits of my past I'd like to keep buried (in this case deleted) and was a little surprised to find some personal text posts that I'd written. If I could go back and meet myself in 2011, I'd tell her that...

You're fine. 
Also, you've met with some really shit people so that you see how great everyone else can be. And, I'm sorry that 4 years into the future you write less when you really should write more. I'll be better. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Reading Week

I was gifted salted caramel by Lucy         

^ My true form ^ \\ selfies 

Had a super fun day at swanpool beach! A very satisfying end to reading week  I got some mint clotted cream ice cream even though it was freezing but there is a sort of charm to eating ice cream when it's cold out. Bunch of pictures from reading week. It flew by too fast and it's November now. Soon it will be December and Christmas! 

School restarts tomorrow - 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Singapore > Falmouth

The last time I logged on to blog about something, my url was still .sg. It's been slightly over a month now and I think this post is long overdue. Where do I begin? 

The day I left Singapore was a bit of a whirlwind. I saw so many people in such a short period of time and had it sink in that they were all there for me. Ryan booked out on a special occasion to send me off, friends travelled from ADM to come see me off. Family friends and people I love all in one place. And now, I'm here. 

I have been adapting well, I feel like a liquid just poured into another jug. I wouldn't say it is very different from Singapore, save for the weather. But I think I'm adjusting to the weather fine, just look at me at 14°C in a T-shirt. The weather has actually been rather kind and it hasn't rained much. One of the main concerns I had was rain because people like to exaggerate how much it rains in Falmouth. I'll admit being wet and cold is probably one of the worst feelings out there. Anyway, to clear things up, I school in Falmouth but I live in Penryn. Both of which are very close together and I take a bus that solves the distance issue. When I first got here I was completely confused about buses and their timings and have had many a times where I've realized how much I've taken Singapore buses for granted )': Buses in Falmouth and Penryn, if you miss them, that's it till 20 minutes later. Oh that reminds me, maybe I'm not entirely used to this place yet. People take their time to do things, and talk to people, even when it may not be completely necessary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I just realize I find myself getting irritated when queues move slowly because of conversation or when anything moves slowly actually. ....that is probably the city girl in me talking but, I'll get used to it. I'm too used to everything being really quick. Get your stuff, pay, leave. You know? 

Anyway, the scenery here is great for me. Some people say it's really grey and dreary but I like all the green and flat land here. My eyes are trained for grey and concrete so it's a nice change(I love grey and concrete, I don't think the city will ever leave me). Also, the air is really crisp and fresh. The streets though, let me just say, so many hills. My legs have never worked this hard in their life. I am literally always either walking up or down a hill. My entire school is on a ridiculously steep hill, which to me makes no sense and that must have made construction so hard. Walking up the hill to the bus stop after school is always a challenge. But I accept this challenge, I accept it for a nice butt. School has been almost what I anticipated. It is only slightly different from what I had in mind. It really is what I want to do, what a relief. I don't find school a chore, it doesn't even feel like what a normal, typical school would feel like. It's funny because I'm the only one who feels this way and all the people around me, who are much younger, are going through frustration and feeling lost and why university is so underwhelming. It really is. The image portrayed to us when we were much younger was grand and prestigious and it never lives up to the hype. It's mildly entertaining. The work load has been rather great. This compared to what I'm used to really is nothing and I think I will eventually forget how to be stressed and lose the concept completely. That can't be a good thing. I'm just really happy with the work and what I've had to do so far. It's very manageable and I have time for myself.  

The people I've met here have probably been the most different to what I'm used to. I've met so many different types of people and as great as it is, I'm a bit sad that I've not found anyone like me. Or, maybe not like me, but someone that thinks the same way I do. I do believe that it has to do with family and generally, country but still. It's a bit, sad. There's only so far you can go with someone who is fundamentally just different from you, you know? Also, I find myself not saying everything I want to because the people here can be really sensitive about anything. Ok this is sounding worse than I've intended it to. It's just, something that is there and something I'm constantly aware of. There is a huge cultural difference that doesn't bother me unless we accidentally hit a taboo subjects. (laughs) Ok this sounds bad. It's not what it sounds like! Just ... take it with a pinch of salt. 

I miss my friends. My friends who know me inside out and I don't have to censor myself, my friendsssss. I also miss Ryan and even though we've both been very good about this long distance thing, sometimes I lie in bed and I am sad because I'm over here and he's all the way over there. On the bright side, he's coming up to see me in June after he finishes his NS and I'll show him around my town! It will be super fun and I am excited. :> His birthday is in a few days and I feel so awful I'm not there with him. Ahhhhhh. 

Let's talk about something else. I'm going to have dinner soon. I've been cooking for myself everyday, it's been a very enlightening experience. I really enjoy cooking, and I enjoy the food I cook so it's been wonderful. I have nothing to complain about. I do miss Asian food though. I don't think anything can quite compare to Asian food. I was thinking about kway chap a while back and got really angry when some friends sent me pictures of their food in Singapore. I'm like, NO. STOP. DON'T SHOW ME. I'M JEALOUS. Yeah well. Life goes on, it's just food. Although, I've been eating so much over here. My friends say it's my body compensating for the cold. I actually have 3 meals a day. What a shocker. I barely have one back home. Hah! 

Anyhow, I will update more soonish. I'm hungry so I'm going to make myself some food. 
It's weird. I just read what I typed, 'I barely have one back home' and realized technically Falmouth is my home now. This is a weird feeling. 

Ok, signing off. 

Friday, September 4, 2015